Blog 3: Side Quests Week

While the mentors are waiting for community reviews on the new coalignment API, I’ve been diving into some fun side quests. Side Quest 1: ASDA Example The long-needed Automated Swirl Detection Algorithm (ASDA) example gallery in the sunkit-image is now ready. The ASDA module is for identifying the swirls or vortices in the 2D flow field of the solar atmosphere. ASDA offers a robust tool for detecting and analyzing the vortices in the solar atmosphere.

Blog 2: All Pieces Falling into place

Update On New Coalignment The very first version of the new Coalignment API has been completely implemented, with all the test cases written! The architecture of the proposed co-alignment API closely mirrors the design principles found in SunPy’s rotation module, where a decorator pattern is employed to register specific methods designated for executing co-alignment tasks. Detailed documentation and guidelines on utilizing the new API are available for review at this docs.
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